Agents of Ecological Modernisation

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Der Andere Verlag, Tönning, Lübeck, Marburg (2010)



Actor-Network Theory, agency, agency and structure, Bourdieu, Critical Realism, Ecological Modernisation


This book addresses both, Science and Technology Studies and Environmental Sociology, problematising the role of the human, breathing, agent who is required to put Ecological Modernisation into practice. This type of agent has been undertheorised by Ecological Modernisation Theory. Ingmar Lippert offers a conceptualisation of such an agent by drawing on relationalist takes on structure and agency, i.e. actor-network theory and Pierre Bourdieu's school of thought. For Ecological Modernisation Theory remaining hegemonic, as his book suggests in its first part, it is apt to focus on the agency and constraints in the ``doing'' environmental management. By way of a case study in the construction of a glass recycling network in part two, Ingmar Lippert tells a critical story exploring a Bourdieusian conceptualisation of field and habitus applied on the agent of ecological modernisation in their hybridity.

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